ZEN HostelBig Comfort. Small Price.

長野県のゲストハウス・ホステル ZEN hostal in Nagano

ようこそ - Welcome

長野県のゲストハウス・ホステル ZEN hostal in Nagano

おやすく、心地よく - Big Comfort. Small Price.

長野県のゲストハウス・ホステル ZEN hostal in Nagano

ZEN Hostel in Nagano.

長野県のゲストハウス・ホステル ZEN hostal in Nagano

築118年の日本旅館を改装 - A 118 year old ryokan was renovated.


庭池 - a pond situated in a garden

お知らせ Information from ZEN

ZEN Hostelについて About Us



A hostel is different from a hotel in a sense that there is more communication between travelers that takes place in the public spaces available at the accommodation facility.
A hostel is a center of communication among travelers from all over the world and promotes travel tips on where to go next.
A dormitory style room is common as well as shared shower rooms and toilets.

A 118 year old ryokan was renovated into ZEN Hostel (ZH) and includes 10 guest rooms, 16 beds (in the dormitory), café,lounge, event room and tea ceremony room. The café pre-opened in mid-August and the entire hostel will officially open at the end of September. 2016.

野猿公苑 Snow Monkeys



5km (10 minutes by car) from ZH there is Jigokudani Onsen where the famous monkey park is located.

Wild monkeys with babies on their backs mingle each other. In winter they soak themselves in the hot spring to escape from the very cold winter chill and to relax. As these unusual and unique pictures spread all over the world, this monkey park became world reknowned. It attracts many visitors from around the world and is a popular destination you shouldn’t miss out on !

茶室 Tea Ceremony Room

屋内の写真 | 長野県のゲストハウス・ホステル ZEN hostal

英会話教室 English lessons

カフェ Café

スノーモンキーズ Snow Monkeys


湯田中駅(YUDANAKA Station)の写真
地獄谷温泉の猿(Snow Monkeys)の写真01
地獄谷温泉の猿(Snow Monkeys)の写真02
地獄谷温泉の猿(Snow Monkeys)の写真03

施設利用案内Facility Guide


  1. 無料Wifi/各フロアにWifiがあるためお部屋でもご利用頂けます。
  2. 喫煙は、正面玄関と裏口に備えられた灰皿のある場所をご利用ください。喫煙スペース以外での喫煙は禁止です。
  3. ドミトリールームの消灯時間は22時です。
  4. シャワールームは、2階に用意しており24時間使用可能です。
  5. コインランドリーは、2階に用意しており24時間使用可能です。
  6. 共用ラウンジは、1階にご用意(7時〜23時まで)しております。
  7. ペット不可。

Facility Guide

  1. Free wifi is available not only in the café and lounge but also in the dormitory and guest rooms.
  2. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in this facility. There are smoking areas with ash trays at the side of the main entrance and back door.
  3. Dormitory lights will be turned off at 10:00 p.m.
  4. Shower booths are available 24 hours on the second floor.
  5. Coin laundry machines are available 24 hours on the second floor.
  6. Lounge is on the first floor and available from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.
  7. No pets are allowed.